I Am

I Am 2


Still in the Gospel of John, but we have begun a new series. In John’s Gospel, Jesus makes 7 emphatic “I Am” statements. Over the next several weeks, we’re going to take a look at what we can learn about Jesus from these statements. Discussion questions will be posted each week. So feel free to take a look ahead of time and feel free to discuss it at home afterward.


Coming This Week…

There is no WNL this week due to Thanksgiving holidays. Stay home and spend time with your family.

Saturday November 30 we will be decorating the auditorium. We will start at 9am and go eat lunch when we’re done. You’ll need to bring money for lunch and your parents should plan on picking you up at the fast food restaurant. We won’t know exactly what time we’ll be done. It depends on how fast we decorate the auditorium. Shoot for 1pm if you need a time.

See you Saturday!