Senior Dinner

Attention First Baptist Church Class of 2014! You are invited to dinner!

Who: FBC Seniors
When: Tuesday, May 13, 6:00pm- 10:00pm
Where: Meet at the church. We will travel to the Riverwalk.
How much does it cost: Nothing. We’ll give you a ride. We’ll pay for your meal.

This is reserved for FBC Seniors, and isn’t really a thing to invite friends.

I Am

I Am 2


Still in the Gospel of John, but we have begun a new series. In John’s Gospel, Jesus makes 7 emphatic “I Am” statements. Over the next several weeks, we’re going to take a look at what we can learn about Jesus from these statements. Discussion questions will be posted each week. So feel free to take a look ahead of time and feel free to discuss it at home afterward.