Disciple Now 2015

DNOW 2015 Legendary

Date: April 17-19
Cost: $50 ($25 for a guest)

Disciple Now is the biggest weekend of the year! It’s jam-packed full of epic Bible studies, renowned competitions, illustrious worship services, famed food, and unforgettable sleepovers! In a word, the weekend is LEGENDARY.

We’ll meet at First Baptist on Friday night for our opening session. Then, students will break into their small groups and have some epic sleepovers at host homes in Seguin. Saturday will be filled with service projects, games, bible studies, worship, and another sleepover to top it all off. Bring some friends and make it happen this year! It’s going to be Legendary!


For more info, visit our DNOW page

Monday Board Games

Since it’s pouring down rain and likely to continue raining all day, we’re going to change plans for today. We will not meet at Starcke Park for a day at the park. We will instead meet in the fellowship hall. Bring a board game and a snack to share. I’ll have a few board games too. See you today from 1pm-4pm.

The [Soop..er.. Bole] Party

We can’t call it a Super Bowl Party, officially, because the NFL will sue. Here’s the skinny…

  • The Super Bowl is this Sunday, February 1st.
  • Let’s meet at Jeff and Gail’s house at 5pm. 152 Castle Breeze.
  • Jeff is grilling fajitas.
  • Guys bring a 2 liter drink TO SHARE. That means a drink other people will like too. (dr pepper **cough **cough)
  • Girls bring a snack or dessert TO SHARE.
  • The party is over when the game is over, or earlier if mom and dad want it to be. Parents should keep an eye on the game and start heading to Jeff and Gail’s when the game is just about over. (Mom and Dad are always welcome to stay and hang out too)