March 2016 Calendar


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How to Read the Bible

Everyone can read the Bible better. Whether you’re someone who reads the Bible daily or someone who never reads the Bible at all, all of us can be better. God has spoken. The Creator of all that exists- sun, moon, stars, galaxies, mountains, oceans, plants, animals, human beings- has chosen to tell us who He is and what He is like. In this book, He invites us into His story and into a relationship with Him. In the Bible we learn more about the one we love and learn to obey Him. If we think about what the Bible actually is, why would we not want to be better readers of it? Below are some of the resources we talked about.

Look at the Book How to Read the Bible for Yourself Three Tips for Better Bible Reading John Piper’s letter to a 13 year old who asked how to go deeper in Bible study

ESV Study Bible

The time it takes to read through books of the Bible in one sitting

Bible translation chart